The 700 Year Old Technology That Created the Sharpest Swords in the World Is Finally Arriving in Our Kitchens.

24/02/2024 | by Robert Norton

Summary: A brand new Japanese startup is seeking to end the big cutlery monopoly on high quality kitchen knives by bringing the ancient technology behind the samurai swords to the wider public, with a price tag anyone can afford. The big brands have been protesting and attempting to block them on patent grounds, but the startup is here to show that no one has the rights on a centuries old tradition. It belongs to everyone.

It’s so hard to find a good affordable kitchen knife:

Are you tired of cheap knives that barely cut through your cucumbers, let alone something soft? Do you hate having to buy a new knife every year because the old one has gotten dull or rusty? Don’t you hate it that all knives seem to have been designed by some random chef, with all the grips fitting him and him alone? Well, your woes are at an end. This new knife is absolutely amazing.

High quality kitchen knives are hard to find. The ones you find at any old appliance store become next to useless after a year, maybe two years of use if you’re careful. And they are made with no regard to ergonomics or comfort.

Chef knives are a different story. They are designed for constant work, day in and day out, and are sharp, comfortable and look really nice on camera for the cooking shows.

But they’re also brutally expensive.

And here’s the secret. They don’t actually have to be. The reason for their high prices is nothing more than marketing and unofficial corporate agreements between manufacturers to keep the premium market stable.

But this monopoly about to come to an end.

The Ancient Meets the Modern

They call it the Naifu Pro, a knife that is both new and old at the same time. New as in it uses modern manufacturing methods, but old as in it still uses the same techniques used for over 700 years to make the sharpest swords in the world. And you can finally afford to have one in your kitchen.

Though the Japanese are not terribly clever or original with their English product naming, they sure do know how to make a top notch knife. The traditional techniques of folding a piece of steel 300 times to make the thinnest, sharpest yet durable edge possible are, in fact, not actually that expensive to perform, all that was needed was someone who’d be willing to standup to the marketing machines of the premium knife monopoly.

And it’s finally here. A knife so sharp you barely need to put any pressure to slice with it, just like the one the chef on TV has, except better and with a much saner price tag.

A Samurai Knife?

You’d think just being super sharp and never losing its edge would be enough to make a top quality knife, but the Japanese did not stop there.

The specially designed handle and holding hole make sure people of any hand size and shape can comfortably and safely use the Naifu Pro.

The traditional swordmaking methods of the Japanese allow them to create a remarkably durable and thin, sharp edge. This little samurai knife takes full advantage of this and is sharp enough out of the box to split a hair in two. This remarkable sharpness actually serves another purpose, as it will never slide, slip or get stuck, it will just cut clean through, meaning you won’t accidently be stabbing yourself because of a really tough steak.

The Naifu Pro really is a remarkably thought out piece of kitchen equipment:

Ergonomic – the Naifu Pro is designed for maximum comfort, and honestly it also just makes it look cool.

Samurai Class Sharpness – The traditional Japanese methods of making blades mean this steel knife is extra sharp, extra thin and extra durable. It’s quite possible you’d go years before you even notice the slightest of chips.

The sharper the knife, the safer it is – the Naifu Pro is so sharp it will cut cleanly through anything, reducing the risk of injury.

A true chef’s knife – Naifu Pro is a cut above (pun intended) just an ordinary kitchen knife, and the quality of your food preparation with it will show.

Extra Stylish – did we mention it looks really good? It might actually be as good a fit for a knife enthusiast as it is for a chef.

The Naifu Pro is definitely a top tier kitchen knife that can elevate anyone’s cooking by at least a couple of levels. But as we mentioned, it’s only half the reason it was created.

The other half is for it to be affordable for everyone. The truth of the matter is, making such a high quality knife isn’t as expensive as the big cooking show brands would have you believe. The startup set out to prove this by setting the regular retail price for their creation at a mere 79$. That’s already considerably less than any big brand specialized chef knife, but it doesn’t stop there. The global launch of the Naifu Pro is accompanied by a massive 50% discount and free international shipping. All to completely demolish the unfair monopoly in the market. You can now get your Naifu Pro for just 39$.

We absolutely adore any product that can combine high quality with affordability, and the Naifu Pro definitely ticks all out boxes. We can heartily recommend this amazing knife and ask you to support its fight against market monopolies. Get it quick before the sale ends.


But Don’t Just Take Our Word for It! These People Loved the Naifu Pro:

“Even for someone who is by no means anything close to a professional chef, this knife really makes a massive difference. Its cuts are so smooth and clean it’s like everything I put it through is made of butter. I absolutely love it.”

“Honestly I think I saw an ad for this just because I have a knife collection and the government tracks my phone. I did get one immediately though. Just look at it, it sleek, rugged, traditional, modern, all at the same time. I don’t actually cook with it but I do like using it to eat apples. Makes me feel badass.”

“I know this is supposed to be a chef’s knife for the common man, but there is such a thing as a poor chef. I am one of those, and being able to get a knife of this quality for this price was a godsend during a year where I could really not spare a single unnecessary cent. Thank you so much!”


Conclusion: is It Worth It?

If you simply skipped over here without reading, we’ll just tell you yes, 100%. If you diligently read through the article, and we thank you for that, we’ll just tell you yes, 100%.

If you want to cook better, cut yourself less and spend less money, then don’t hesitate. The Naifu Pro is a true trust-buster. No longer do we need to pay extortion prices for a high quality kitchen knife. Get one, get one for your friends too.


  • Extra Sharp
  • Ergonomic
  • Safe to Use 
  • Durable
  • Lightweight and Comfortable


  • High demand, but extremely limited supply


How Do I Get the Naifu Pro?

Now that you’re aware that you don’t have to pay top shelf prices to get a top shelf knife, you must be itching to get one of these, so here’re the simple steps:

  1. We recommend ordering an original Naifu Pro from the official website here.
  2. Crack open the box, admire it and start cutting!

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